Roofing Storm Damage Roof Repairs

I can remember my Pastor telling me when I was just a teenager that “poor preparation is the mother of failure.”

I’ve kept those words of wisdom close to me and think about them often. I was serving as youth pastor at that time at our church. He was conveying to me that the young people in my care were counting on me. So don’t let them down. Make sure you’ve taken time to prepare for whatever may come. I got then, and I still get it today. Your family most likely expects the same from you, I know mine does. We have to make sure our families are protected during times of emergencies.

Be Weather Aware

No matter how we try we cannot control the weather. Though we are better prepared to predict the weather than any other time in history, we are still at their mercy. How well we are prepared will determine how well we come through these storms. During severe storms listen to NOAA Weather Radio weather tracking and warnings.

In the roofing business when we hear the weather bureau forecasting severe weather warnings we know that things can turn bad quickly. High wind, hail, and tornadoes can be extremely dangerous and should be respected as such. Chappell Roofing in Midland recently saw this first hand when hail pounded the city and then a few weeks later did the same thing.

Property Damage

It is not unusual during these storms that property damage can occur and even inflict bodily harm if you happen to get caught out in one of them. Taking shelter is always priority during severe weather. A good rule of thumb during severe weather is; if you are home… stay at home if at all possible. If you know severe weather is coming filling your car up with gas is wise. Gas pumps run on electricity too, and during a power outage you may not be able to get gas for days.

Be Prepared for Severe Weather

Here are some things you can do to be prepared for severe weather storms. First, before a storm ever takes place, make plans with each member of your family as to what they need to do, where to go, and what is expected of each of them. Don’t forget your pets, they are counting on you too. Secondly, be prepared for power outages. Keep a supply of batteries and flashlights. And it would be smart to purchase a portable generator to keep on hand for emergencies. You never know how long it may take to get the power restored.

Emergency Kits

Thirdly, keep your emergency kit at home fresh and well stocked. This means emergency medical supplies, water, canned food, batteries, blankets and warm clothing, etc. enough for three days. Move cars that are parked under trees, and try to secure lawn furniture, (patio items such as umbrellas, chairs, tables, etc.) as well as possible. Also, buy and store tarps just in case you have to cover a hole in the roof or broken windows. Always wait until the storm passes before trying to cover a damaged roof with a tarp.

So a word to the wise… don’t let “poor preparation” lead you to failure in protecting your home and family.